A new role for PBN

Following months of effort we have finally made it: here I am drafting the first news item for the new website of PBN snc. The enthusiasm is evident in the eyes of those persons who have contributed to its development and are now watching their work concretely pay off in the form of a website.
The blank sheet laying in front of me compulsively draws me to rewind the story of these last years: I still recall my first day at work with great emotion, when I timidly sat in my office but was filled with conviction and a strong determination to accomplish my father’s dream and to bring to fruition the heritage that my brother Andrea and I were fortunate to have received from him. I remember smiling excited as I received my first request for quotation.
I have a vivid memory of those faithful clients, that driven by their strong bond with our father, continued placing their trust in us – two young engineers with a lot of willpower. These people have stood by our side over the years, probably unaware of the insight they have provided us. I also recall the valuable support of our employees and the honesty of our suppliers, both of which are vital for the thriving of our company.
Since its foundation PBN has been a very dynamic company, with the capacity to develop and project itself in the future. Over the years my brother and I have blended in with the organization, moulding it on our personalities and our values. Gradually we developed a clear idea of the new look we wanted to give to PBN, and in our minds we started to harbor the idea of directing the company towards a new concept: no longer solely machinery suppliers, but also partners – by collaborating with our clients in researching effective and innovative solutions for industrial fans. We thus started to weave together the new image of PBN, interlacing our different competences with our values, while seeking to capture and understand the new requirements of an ever developing society.
This new image is decorated with green hues which immediately evoke the idea of environmental sustainability to which we contribute by means of 150 kW of photovoltaic panels which have been installed on our roofs, but also by means of ongoing research related to energy-efficient solutions. This green look is however indicative of much more. To us it symbolizes the serenity which results from the daily dedication to a work which we love doing and are passionate about. It also represents the tranquility derived from client satisfaction – their knowledge that the service we offer them goes well beyond the supply of mechanical equipment. And finally, green is the colour of hope – a driving force urging us to always look forward; the desire to reach goals which may be slightly too ambitious but which we are determined to reach.
Green is the color of the foliage of a blossoming plant radiating energy, firmly rooted in the ground but perennially protruding towards the sky, capable of growing and expanding and constantly regenerating itself.

Diego Perfettibile
Sales Manager