PBN was founded in 1976 by the passion for mechanics and by the entrepreneurship spirit of the founders Benito and Nino Perfettibile, and soon established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial ventilation, working for the best Italian companies; starting 1992, by acquiring the brand Botteon Piacentini, it enriched its professional expertise with design competences and skills. Since then PBN is active in the design and manufacture of fans and components for industrial ventilation, and established its name for its reliability and for its high-quality products, standing out for the ability to offer specific solutions for the needs of its customers.

Thanks to the excellent path prepared by the company’s leader, Benito Perfettibile, the new generation has been able to successfully overcome the generational shift and today, with unchanged passion, is driving the company. Training, ongoing technological innovation and combination of knowledge from several disciplines, are to our Management the key tools to establish more and more PBN among its customers as a proactive partner in the search for solutions, rather than a supplier of machineries and equipments.